Monday, September 2, 2013

THE ART OF BUYING ART (A Book by Alan Bamberger)

This book is best for all Art Collectors or aspiring Art Collectors as well as Artists. I came across it accidentally and I got mine personally signed by Mr. Bamberger!  So why do I consider this to be a well written book for both the Collectors and the Artists? Here are a few reasons why it is great for the Collectors:

1. It educates the potential Art Collector why it is important to buy Original vs.Reproduction or Prints.
2. Find exactly what type of Art resonates with the buyer and what to look for to create a worthy Collection.
3. What type of Artists one should avoid to do business with.
4. Importance of Provenance and how it increases the value of Art.
5. How to avoid getting scammed by Forgers and Fakes.
6. How to build a Collection.
7.What to expect from the Auction Houses.
8. Importance of COA (Certificate Of Authenticity).

These are but a few things that you as a Collector would learn from this book. The Chapters are bite sized so much easier to focus and read. Tons of examples for different situations.

Why should Artists need to read this book? Well, it is one of those books from which any Artist can learn and grow a lot. I know I did. It teaches you as to how the "real" world sees you and expects from you as a Professional and what exactly it means to be a Professional.

Furthermore, Mr. Bamberger also work as an Artist Consultant in San Francisco. Those Artists who need an expert advise as to what is working and what is not for selling Art would benefit a great deal from one-on-one Consultation as he has been in this Profession for over three decades now.

Please share your thoughts and comments as to how this book has enlightened or enriched you as an Artist or an Art Collector. I would appreciate it very much.

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