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Whether you are a Professional, a Mid-Career or an Emerging Artist, this is one great Magazine that you should seriously consider subscribing to. This Magazine is on a mission to educate its readers with some of the most well written Articles by some of the highly qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and respected Art Experts. I have learnt and grown by heaps and bounds as a Professional Artist by seriously studying the articles that are not only engaging but also succinct and written in simple American English. I remember when it first started out in early 2000s as Art Calendar  half in size (content wise) but even then it had a wealth of information to offer. Over time, it has blossomed into a Colorful and quite a remarkable Art Magazine geared towards Professional Artists that I look forward to receiving every other month.

This Magazine offers tidbits of information that most Professional Artists learn from trial and error over the years throughout their careers practicing and perfecting their craft. For example, in the latest issue that I received this month had an eye opening Article about how to write an Artist's Statement, what to write in an Artist's Biography and how to put together an Artist's Resume. Another intriguing Article that was equally engaging, beautifully written but totally different in context was on the types of Art Critics and Art Critiques. The way it was presented was simple yet profound as it made me question my own inner critic and critiquing style. Furthermore, towards the end pages of the Magazine it has a list of Art Galleries and Venues throughout United States some without Fee and some with a Fee where Artists can submit their proposals or showcase their work through Juried Shows and Art Exhibitions.

The only two suggestions that I can offer to make this magazine even better is if they use appropriate thematic Artwork or Paintings of their Articles to create an even more dynamic effect visually. The first suggestion is that they have a great treasury of Paintings at their disposal that they can easily tap into, left on their Business Page by their avid readers and subscribers who are Professional Artists. I see it as a win-win situations for all if they can use some of the most coveted visual images for their featured articles (of course by asking the Artist's Permission first) in return for some exposure and spotlight to their well deserving Professional Artists. The second suggestions is to start/add an Article depicting Professional Artists and their Studios perhaps with an Interview (even better).  After reading Joe Fig's Inside The Painter's Studio I realized how much I would like to see more of the living breathing Professional Artists in their Studios and getting to know them, their Art and how their mind works.  It is a two way street and both parties can fare quite well if they can formulate something out.

If you are a knowledge seeker like me and are researching for a great Art Magazine to subscribe to, look no further. You will not be disappointed by this one. They also offer their previous issues in hard copy format as well as in CDs at a very reasonable price.

An Update: January 2014

The Professional Artist took my suggestion#2 and now they have showing of Artists Studios in their magazine! How about that? What a magnificent opportunity. You rock Professional Artist!

An Update: March 2014

I was one of the Six Eco-Friendly Artists interviewed and featured in the GREEN April/May 2014 issue story "Behind the Green Artist" by Jenny Andreasson & Nada Hassanein (pages 70 & 71). My painting below "The World Is Your Oyster (Knight)" was published on page 71.

The World Is Your Oyster (Knight) by Roopa Dudley
Professional Artist GREEN April/May 2014 issue

About the painting: It was sold during my Open Studio Annual Exhibit on July 6th 2013 to Paige Dunkerly of Severna Park, MD. This painting was also published in 2013 Studio Visit (Viusual Art Mag page 51) vol. 23.

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