Friday, November 22, 2013

TULIPS & APPLES (A Masterpiece by Sandra Thome)

Tulips & Apples 20x24 Acrylic 2006 by Sandra (Kiki) Thome

It was extremely hard for me to pick just one painting for an art review of this Canadian born American Painter. This usually does not happen to me as I tend to know fairly quickly which one to pick and write about. So I did something new this time and just randomly picked one. Viola! we have "Tulips & Apples".

The composition, the color, the style, the rhythm, the contrast and the craftsmanship all shout out euphoria and joy from any angle you look at. It is actually more than euphoria -- it is a magical and a religious experience. It reminds me of the beautiful stained glass windows of the church I used to go to years ago.

The artist has a distinct style that is recognizable from thousands of paintings along with her bright and vibrant palette. Each one of her paintings is visually delicious and a delight that goes without saying. In an interview I did with her that I will be posting on my Art Blog soon, she revealed that she love all colors. The more I look at her paintings, the more I agree that she is right on the money.

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