Thursday, December 26, 2013


These books are printed in Germany and make an excellent gift for any art lover. I have a whole collection of my favorite artists and I use them all the time when I am doing research. They first came out in the soft cover which I have, but now they are bigger and in hard cover as well.

I understand that in this digital revolution everything one needs to find about any painter can be done on the internet. However, I still find these books nice to have on my book shelf and to be a valuable source for the research projects for the following reasons:

1. They provide a detailed history of the artist in question.
2. The images are of high quality and complete. The pages are thick and glossy which makes it a joy to read.
3. There are images by other painters used for cross referencing with the images of the artist in question.
4. All the paintings are explained in detail as to what their relevance is and why they are important.
5. The back pages of the book contains Chronology (timeline) of the artist in question that I find very useful.

Aside from the reasons stated above, the soft glossy covered series is priced very reasonably. Each of the books I ordered from amazon was under $10 which is a bargain. Sometimes even cheaper if you can find it on the bargain pile of the book stores.

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