Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A STRATEGIC PAINTER (An Art Book by Roopa Dudley)


I wrote the book “A STRATEGIC PAINTER” (a manual for painters) because when I was looking for a similar book years ago to start out my career as an Artist/Painter, I could not find one. So for the past fifteen years I went though a journey and learnt the “tricks of the trade” through trial and error with research and analysis. I read a lot of books that danced around the subject of Art but were mainly catered towards the business aspect of being an Artist. It was mind baffling experience like I was missing an important piece of the puzzle. One day on my quest to find this artist manual, I came across a book "HOW TO SURVIVE & PROSPER AS AN ARTIST" by Caroll Michels which gave me the answer to the "why" factor as to "why there are not too many books written to guide painters?"  Here is what she wrote "Some academics who discourage career advice at the college level believe that students should be sheltered from real-life survival issues while in school. But many fine-arts faculty members are opposed to career development courses for selfish and self-serving reasons: they are aware that today's student artists will become tomorrow's practicing artists, and eventually artists with whom they will compete for gallery, museum, and press attention, so there is much resistance to imparting any sort of information that could possibly give these future peers a career edge or jeopardize their own pecking order in the art world." I figured that perhaps there are more people like me out there and if I can help them out and save them a few years, then that is a good thing. I am tired of hearing the phrase the “Starving Artist” and I sincerely believe on the contrary that the Painters have a lot to offer to the “Starving World” that is devoid of fresh ideas and innovative concepts. In this digital age, the sky is the limit for any painter who wants to succeed. 

I want the aspiring Painters out there to reach their “Self-Actualization” (being a profound and prolific painter that has contributed to society) in the shortest amount of time. It is my sincere desire that they get busy by having a more focused approach in regards to where and how to begin their careers as an Artist/Painter. The students in Art schools don’t learn the practical aspects of being a successful painter and my book should prepare them for what to expect if they decide to become a Painter and what is expected out of them by the Art World and Art Collectors in a succinct sort of way. This book is to the point and there is no fluff here.

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