Wednesday, August 21, 2013

SONG OF THE COAST (A Masterpiece by Jeff Faust)

SONG OF THE COAST by Jeff Faust 2012 - An American Artist

It is the Beginning.....the Genesis
I see Water, I see Earth with all its Mysteries
I see the Promise of a Fruitful Life
I see the Fire afar-the Passions Burning Deep Inside
I feel the Coastal Breeze filled with Fresh Scent
I hear the Whispering Winds, the Raging Sea, the Rustling Leaves
And I see where it all Began...(the Egg)...a Hope for Survival
I know the Time is Limited we are but Mortals
All Connected Together Blended with the Four Elements
Like the Fleeting Breeze such is Time
Like the Vessels we contain our own Songs, Stories and Secrets
The Fruit of Labor and the Temptations in Life
We are formed from the Earth and Return back to it
To Start it all Over Again

Critiqued in the form of Poetry by
Roopa Dudley

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